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Zodiac XIII

Zodiac XIII

SKU: 0683489445533

Zodiac XIII is a puzzle that can serve as a keychain. As its name suggests, it is made up of thirteen pieces that, once assembled, form a sphere that evokes a petanque ball. Made of high-precision nylon, it offers a high-quality black-tinted finish on the dough that will guarantee you resistance to the elements, shocks, abrasion and abrasion. You can carry it in your pocket without any problem. Using it as a keychain will allow you to present it to your friends and family with ease to challenge them. Even though each piece is engraved with a Zodiac sign and an orientation arrow which are the clues that will help you get back to the puzzle don’t think it will be as easy as you can imagine. Will you dare to take on the challenge?


    This product is printed in 3D with state-of-the-art industrial printers with an accuracy of 80 microns (to give you an idea, a human hair is 50 to 100 microns thick), which makes it virtually impossible to distinguish the pieces once the assembled puzzle. The nylon with which it is printed is recyclable. Once printed, the pieces are bathed in a black dye that penetrates inside the pieces ensuring a durable high quality finish. The assembled assembly resists impacts, friction and falls of one meter on hard surfaces adapting the product to its use as a keychain.


    The Zodiac XIII puzzle itself has thirteen pieces as its name suggests. But we added three more spare rings that will allow you to customize your keychain.

    Each and every one of the sixteen pieces of the Zodiac · XIII are reviewed by our quality control team. The assembly is then assembled to certify its accuracy and so that you can discover it assembled. In this way, it allows us to certify every unit we put up for sale. For this reason, we will only accept returns of items that do not correspond to the reference entrusted.



    All our certified shipments will be delivered to the address indicated on your order.

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